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When you need the experience of a full-service, multipractice law firm, it is wise to contact Judkins Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping our clients resolve the complex legal matters they are facing. From personal injury to divorce to developing an estate plan, it is our goal to be your first call.

Our over 45 years' experience includes litigation, and administrative, governmental, and transactional law. That experience extends over a broad range of matters in each of those categories. Our lawyers have worked in private law firms, governmental offices and military legal offices.

Our trial experience is extensive, but we also practice in appellate courts. Our experience is not limited to litigation and administrative law, however. We proudly represent businesses in the area of corporate and business legal matters, and we draft a myriad of legal documents – also in a multitude of areas.

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If you read further on our website, we will give you a detailed overview of some of the areas to which we devote a great deal of our practice and those website areas will provide you with information that we are confident you will find beneficial. To schedule a free consultation throughout Tennessee, we encourage you to call or email our firm.