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Is the new year a good time to think about estate planning?

A lot of people in Tennessee start each new year off by making resolutions. In many cases, people make these resolutions as promises to themselves that they will make themselves better in some way, such as physically, socially or even spiritually. However, it would be a mistake to overlook the possibility of making financial improvements regarding the assets you own. For example, is the start of a new year the perfect time to think about estate planning?

You have an estate plan, but can it be better?

Tennessee residents who have an estate plan in place should congratulate themselves. They have done what millions of Americans put off for years and that some never get around to. However, even if you have an estate plan in place, you may be asking yourself if it can be better. Are there ways to explore upgrading and updating your estate plan?

What is the probate process like in Tennessee?

Many of our readers in Tennessee know that the probate process comes into play after a person dies. At that time, that person's estate must be collected, assessed and distributed. However, there are many people who don't know what the probate process is like and don't know what to expect.

Making sure your estate plan is a comprehensive plan

Many of our readers in Tennessee know that having an estate plan in place is an important task to address in life, but many are hesitant to begin the process because they think that it is too complicated. While it is true that there are many different options to consider when getting an estate plan in place, the options don't need to leave Tennessee residents wondering what is right for them.

What should I include in my estate plan?

A reliable and complete estate plan protects estate planners and their families during what is anticipated to be a difficult period of time. When drafting an estate plan that is thorough and accounts for the wishes of the estate planner and cares for their loved ones, it is important for estate planners to be familiar with the several different types of documents that can be part of an estate plan.

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