With over 40 years of experience, Judkins Law Firm is a full-service law firm based in Oak Ridge, Anderson County, Tennessee – while also frequently representing clients out of that area. In fact, we represent more clients outside our local county than inside the county. We practice in a wide variety of areas, including divorces, family law, Social Security disability, disability insurance claims, personal injury, wills, decedents estates, and workers' compensation.

We appreciate your interest in our firm, and look forward to providing helpful information and answering your pertinent questions that you might have about the Judkins Law Firm. Our staff and attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients helpful, competent, and friendly service. Our goal is to provide excellent value to clients and to provide information and aggressive, competent representation that will be helpful to clients in a broad range of matters.

What We Do

We're full-service: whatever your problem or legal need may be, we most likely can provide the legal services you need, and if we cannot, we will attempt to refer you to someone who can. We often collaborate with other law firms to give you the best-suited representation for your particular needs. That collaboration includes working with other law firms on your particular situation or referring you to attorneys in a geographic area or other excellent practitioners in a particular field of the law that can best meet your needs.

On occasion, a potential conflict of interest in representing persons on a specific case arises, or some other reason may make it inappropriate for us to help you. But we can nonetheless help you find other superb legal representation if we cannot be of service to you.

Our Experience

Our over 40 years' experience includes litigation, administrative, governmental, and transactional law. That experience extends over a broad range of matters in each of those categories. Our lawyers have worked in private law firms, governmental offices, and military legal offices. Our trial experience is extensive, but we also practice in appellate courts. Our experience is not limited to litigation and administrative law, however. We proudly represent businesses in the area of corporate and our business legal matters, and we draft a myriad of legal documents – also in a multitude of areas.

If you read further on our website, we will give you a detailed overview of some of the areas to which we devote a great deal of our practice, and those website areas will provide you with information that we are confident you will find beneficial.

Free Consultation

We are pleased to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on many legal matters. What that means is that you may speak to us on the telephone – or meet with us in our office or elsewhere – to discuss your legal matter at no cost to you, and with no obligation to retain us on your legal matter.

How to Contact Us

You may initially contact us by telephone, by correspondence, or by completing the contact form on our website. Our promise to you is to respond to your inquiry by getting back to you within 24 hours of your initial request. After-hours and weekend appointments are available. We sincerely look forward to meeting you and speaking with you about your legal needs! Call us at 865-482-7877 or by completing the online contact form.


“Mr. Judkins assisted me in winning a case in 6 months where a previous attorney that had had my case for over 2 years had failed and refused to carry on any further. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and communicated well with me..." Read more Mike | Social Security Client

“Joe is an excellent attorney. He always kept us informed on all matters and did not nickel and dime us with costs. He is professional, understanding and fights for you. I would highly recommend Mr. Judkins...” Read more A Family Client