How Will Your Divorce Affect Your Kids?

Divorce is a complex process that impacts every member of the family. Tennessee parents are naturally concerned about how the choice to end their marriage will affect their kids, and we can help you seek solutions that will ultimately protect the best interests of your children above all else. Joe Judkins of Judkins Law Firm has over four decades of legal experience, and he can help you seek reasonable and sustainable child custody solutions.

There are different types of child custody, and we will help you understand all the options available to you. The best custody and visitation arrangement for your family depends on your individual situation. Our goal is to protect your kids and preserve your rights as an active and loving parent.

What Is Best For Your Family?

Tennessee parents have the right to draft a custody plan out of court, and if they cannot agree on terms, a court will make custody decisions based on evidence, input from parents or children, and other types of documentation. Types of child custody include:

  • Joint custody: This is the preferred choice as it allows kids to have regular access to both parents. Parents will share parenting time, and, in many cases, decision-making authority for the children.
  • Sole or primary custody: This is when one parent will have legal and physical custody of the child, except for perhaps visitation with the other parent.

These are not the only options available to you – you can craft a custody order that works for the specific and unique needs of you and your children. Whether it is in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or the courtroom, our attorney will advocate for your interests, and fight for the best and most secure future for your children.

Discuss Your Custody Concerns With An Attorney Who Cares

At Judkins Law Firm, we want to help you protect your parental rights. You can talk about your custody concerns with our lawyer in a confidential evaluation of your case. Schedule your appointment at 865-830-3405 or email our Oak Ridge office.