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Applying for Social Security benefits? Here is what you need

Finding yourself unable to work due to a medical condition is overwhelming. When you cannot hold a job, you cannot earn the money necessary to support yourself and your Tennessee family. It can be especially overwhelming if your condition is one from which you will probably never recover. While your situation is frustrating, there are options available to you. 

Disabled individuals have the right to seek benefits and support through a Social Security disability claim. Even with a valid disabling medical condition, you may find that it is actually quite complicated to secure the benefits you need. Before you move forward with the application process, you may want to start by seeking a thorough understanding of what you need to do to apply.

The different types of damages available to car accident victims

Because of how extensive unexpected car accident damages can be, it is important for car accident victims and their families to be familiar with the legal resources available to help them when they have been harmed by a negligent or careless driver. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may be able to recover compensation for their physical, financial, and emotional damages suffered at the hands of a negligent driver.

There are generally three broad categories of personal injury damages that may be available to car accident victims. Specific damages depend on the situation and circumstances at hand, which are unique in every case and to every victim. However, these damages typically include expenses related to medical care and treatment, lost wages, and emotional trauma. As a result, car accident victims and their families should always be familiar with how personal injury legal protections can help them.

What should I include in my estate plan?

A reliable and complete estate plan protects estate planners and their families during what is anticipated to be a difficult period of time. When drafting an estate plan that is thorough and accounts for the wishes of the estate planner and cares for their loved ones, it is important for estate planners to be familiar with the several different types of documents that can be part of an estate plan.

Estate planning is too often avoided. Yet, this process helps protect the interests of estate planners and their families, including minor children through the appointment of a guardian. Estate planning typically begins with a will, which is usually the first type of document incorporated into an estate plan. Wills must be properly drafted and executed in order to be valid, so it is essential to know the rules and requirements that are applicable to these documents.

SSD benefits can help disabled individuals with their needs

This blog recently discussed some of the challenges disabled individuals face. As a result, it is important for disabled individuals to be familiar with how they can qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits and what the requirements are to qualify. By doing so, they may be able to obtain the financial resources they need to eliminate many of the newfound challenges that have been imposed upon them by their medical condition.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a disabled individual must meet both medical condition requirements and work history requirements. Work credits that are needed to meet work history requirements are earned during the course of a disabled individual's employment. As for one's medical condition, a disabled individual must generally suffer from a medical condition lasting 12 months or longer, or is expected to result in death, that is severe enough that it prevents them from engaging in any gainful activity.

Tennessee sees increase in employment rate for adults with disabilities

When people develop disabilities, among the things they may have significant worries about is their future in the workforce. Disabilities can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to hold certain types of jobs.

However, there are a range of work opportunities out there for disabled adults. It appears such opportunities have been growing lately here in Tennessee.

How to keep your peace of mind during a difficult divorce

There is really no such thing as an easy divorce. Even when two parties are resolved to remain friends and work together amicably on a final divorce order, it is still an emotional and difficult process to walk through. If you are facing divorce and dreading what is ahead, it may be helpful to know that there are things you can do to protect your peace of mind during this time. 

It is easy to allow your emotions to rule your decision making during this time, but this is rarely a good choice. This does not necessarily lead to practical and sustainable results that are smart for your future. By learning how you can keep your Tennessee divorce as peaceful as possible and maintain your peace of mind, you can protect your long-term interests.

6 reasons that couples decide to divorce

When you are going through divorce, you may be concerned about what other people think. The problem is that there are usually several reasons why people get divorced and most intuitions from the outside are usually wrong.

If you are divorcing, you may also be wondering if what you are going through is a common cause for divorce. You may be surprised to learn the reasons why many couples decide to end their marriages. Below are some of the most common reasons why divorce papers are filed.

3 mistakes to avoid after a car accident

While no one ever wants to get into a motor vehicle crash, the reality is that accidents happen every day on Tennessee roads. Even if you are a safe and defensive driver and take all the necessary precautions to avoid an accident, chances are that you may one day end up in a minor fender-bender or a serious crash. 

Preparing in advance for how to handle such an expected event can pay off in the long run. If you know what mistakes to avoid after a car crash, you can ensure that you do not inadvertently harm your chances of receiving the compensation the law entitles you to for any injuries you may suffer in the accident.

Estate planning considerations after a divorce

The divorce is over, but some legal work remains to be done. The good news: Once you have revised your estate plan or created one for the first time, you should be able to rest easy until your next major life change.

There are a few considerations that divorced people need to keep in mind for their estate plans, whether the divorce was amicable or not.

3 mistakes to avoid when creating a will

As you age, you know you need a will to pass on your assets to your loved ones. But do you know where to begin? Tennessee has laws regarding how to make a proper will, such as how you can write it and who must witness it. Other guidelines help prevent issues from arising in probate or the administration of your estate.

Some of the most common mistakes people make with wills are as follows. Avoid these three to be on your way in establishing solid estate plans.

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