Keeping costs down in a divorce

Divorce can be an expensive process. However, there are ways to keep costs down for a divorce in Tennessee.

As one recent article noted, the reasons for costs to escalate in a divorce case can vary greatly, but some of the most important factors determining the cost of a divorce are the length of time the case is pending, and whether the parties settle the divorce out of court or through litigation.

Sometimes one or both parties in a divorce fight over every detail of the property division or child custody, and sometimes they have good reason to fight for their rights and their children's needs. However, there are many divorces where the parties are fighting over the details simply because they are angry with each other. It is perfectly understandable when people feel emotional about the end of a marriage, but too much of this kind of fighting can drag out the process, driving up the costs. It can also lead to lingering bitterness that can be harmful, especially when there are children involved.

Going to court can also drive up costs, as it involves court fees and extensive preparation. Settling out of court, whether through mediation or some other form of negotiation, can reduce costs. It can also lead to better results, as it gives the parties a greater sense of control over their outcomes.

Ultimately, when Tennessee residents are contemplating filing for divorce, they need to weigh the pros and cons of doing so. The potential costs are one factor, but in many cases it is money well spent to remove oneself from a marriage that is no longer viable.

A good family law attorney can help clients with all the legal details of a divorce, while watching out for their financial and emotional interests.