What are compassionate allowances for Social Security disability?

It is important for disabled individuals who are facing the long disability application process to know that there are options that may make it possible to expedite the Social Security disability application process. For instance, certain medical conditions are considered so severe that they immediately qualify sufferers for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

These medical conditions are included on the Social Security Administration's compassionate allowances list of disabling medical conditions. The compassionate allowances list provides a resource to swiftly identify diseases and other medical conditions that meet the Social Security Administration's definition of disability. The list includes brain disorders impacting adults, certain cancers, and rare disorders affecting children.

Once an application for Social Security disability benefits has been made based on a disability caused by a disease or medical condition on the compassionate allowances list, the application for disability benefits will receive expedited processing. The process can reduce the amount of time disabled individuals, who oftentimes are suffering from the most severe disabilities, wait to receive SSD benefits. Diseases and medical conditions on the compassionate allowances list are considered to clearly meet the Social Security Administration's statutory definition of disability.

The process of applying for, and eventually receiving Social Security disability benefits, is well known to be long and cumbersome, and many applications for benefits are initially denied. Because of this, it is helpful for disabled individuals who are seeking benefits to be aware of the compassionate allowances list, what it is, and how it may be able to help them receive the benefits they badly need in a more timely fashion.