Did you suffer harm due to a defective product?

As a Tennessee consumer, you want to trust the companies and manufacturers that produce the products that you use on a regular basis. Of course, you also want to have this trust when you purchase a new toy for your child, a treat-yourself item for yourself or a gift for a loved one. Unfortunately, some products may not always work as intended, and harm could result.

It is not unusual for certain products to gain popularity and for numerous people to put them on their wish lists. However, it is possible for those once-coveted products to lose public interest if it turns out that problems with the products could cause injuries or already have.

Is your product defective?

Defective products are not unheard of, and the issues with such products can occur in various ways. Some types of product defects include the following:

  • Manufacturing defects: With this type of defect, an issue during the manufacturing process resulted in the product not working correctly.
  • Design defects: This type of defect can cause issues even with normal use of the product because the design of the product itself is faulty.
  • Warning defects: If a certain product has known potential hazards, it needs adequate warnings. If the manufacturer did not provide those warnings, it could count as a product defect.

Unfortunately, any of these defects could result in a sudden issue with a product that results in serious harm to a user. For instance, if your vehicle has a defect, your brakes may suddenly stop working, and you could suffer injuries in a serious car accident. Another example could include pieces of a toy becoming detached that could pose a choking hazard to your child. 

What can you do if harm occurs?

Of course, if you or a loved one does suffer harm due to a defective product, you should seek medical attention. Afterward, you may feel the need to pursue compensation for the damages that the product caused. If the circumstances suit this action, you may have reason to move forward with a defective product legal claim.

Any type of civil claim seeking compensation from a potentially liable party can prove complicated. Therefore, you may want to ensure that you have the right help and support. Enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney may allow you to feel more confident and informed about your legal options.