Defending against drunk driving charges in Tennessee

Drunk driving charges can have a tremendous impact on the lives of accused individuals. A DUI charge can threaten the freedom and future of an accused individual, which is why they should be aware of their criminal defense rights and the protections available to them.

The penalties associated with a conviction on drunk driving charges can be significant in Tennessee. They can include both criminal and administrative penalties. Penalties for DUI can include mandatory jail time and expensive fines. Administrative penalties can include the loss of driving privileges in the form of a driver's license suspension. Additionally, an accused individual may be required to attend a drug or alcohol treatment program.

The impact of a DUI charge may be felt long-term. A DUI conviction may impact an individual personally and professionally by impacting their ability to obtain a job, housing, or educational opportunities because of the criminal record created. Having a strong criminal defense can be what stands between an accused individual and the serious penalties and consequences associated with a drunk driving conviction. Accused individuals may be able to challenge the charges they are facing by arguing that the traffic stop was illegal, field sobriety tests were improperly administered, and/or the breathalyzer test results were inaccurate due to improper procedures or lack of proper calibration.

It is important to know how to effectively handle drunk driving charges because of the serious nature of the penalties and consequences which can have a long-standing impact on accused individuals' lives. This is why going up against aggressive prosecutors shouldn't be left to chance. Instead, individuals who are facing drunk driving charges should consider seeking help from a strong criminal defense attorney.