Tennessee sees increase in employment rate for adults with disabilities

When people develop disabilities, among the things they may have significant worries about is their future in the workforce. Disabilities can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to hold certain types of jobs.

However, there are a range of work opportunities out there for disabled adults. It appears such opportunities have been growing lately here in Tennessee.

Estimates from the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire point to employment levels among Tennessee adults with disabilities being up. According to the institute, last year, employment for such individuals grew by over 4,000 jobs in Tennessee.

Some are pointing to economic factors as a major contributor to this growth.

What would you like to see happen in Tennessee to further open up job opportunities for people with disabilities?

Now, some disabilities are so severe that they do keep a person out of the workforce. When this happens, Social Security disability benefits can be an important source of financial relief.

When people are on SSD benefits and they are thinking of trying to go back into the workforce, they may worry that the attempt will cause them to lose benefits before they know if they will be able to hold a job long-term. It is important to know that there are incentive programs the Social Security Administration makes available to SSD recipients that can allow them to keep getting benefits while testing out returning to the workforce. One example is the trial work period.

So, when SSD recipients are considering working again, they may want to get skilled legal guidance on what such incentive programs would be available and how to use them.