Steps to take if your Social Security disability claim is denied

Getting a denial notice for your Social Security disability benefits can be frustrating and discouraging. According to the Social Security Administration, an average of 77 percent of initial claims are denied. If you receive a denial letter, you may lose hope and worry that you need to find another way to support yourself. 

However, you may still be able to get the benefits you need. By appealing the denial with legal help, you have a better chance of an acceptance from the SSA. Read below to learn how you can appeal a decision. 

1. Look at your denial notice

The first thing you should do is take a look at the reason the SSA turned down your claim for benefits. For example, the SSA may state that there are other occupations you can partake in or that there was not enough medical evidence to prove your disability. Once you determine the reason for your denial, you can craft an appeal strategy. 

2. Seek legal help

Before you rush to submit an appeal to the SSA, you should consult a lawyer about your SSD denial. This can improve your chances of securing your benefits. If you make any mistakes or fail to provide sufficient evidence on your appeal, you may have an even more difficult time receiving a favorable decision. Make sure you get your appeal right by talking an SSD attorney. 

3. Appeal the denial

Your best bet at receiving SSD benefits is moving forward with an appeal. Do not make the mistake of simply re-applying. Even worse is simply giving up altogether. Appealing your decision gives you a significantly better shot at receiving benefits. 

While it may make your heart sink to read that denial notice, it does not necessarily mean you will not be able to get your benefits. Adhere to these three steps to get another chance at securing benefits.