We unravel the complexities of a claim for SSD benefits

Tennessee residents who have an illness or injury that prevents them from working have many questions, but the primary one is usually this: How will I earn an income? This is, to be sure, a difficult question for many people who find themselves in such a situation. Most people depend heavily on the income they earn from their day-to-day jobs, and losing that source of income can be devastating for a family's financial security.

Fortunately, eligible applicants may qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Workers throughout the country pay a portion of their wages into the Social Security fund that provides these benefits, which are designed to help those who have had a solid work history but who are unable to work due to some physical or mental health condition. Unfortunately, the process of submitting a claim for SSD benefits may be confusing to some.

At our law firm, we work with Tennessee residents who are unsure whether or not they meet the eligibility requirements to apply for and be approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits. For starters, the health condition in question must be serious enough that it is expected to last for 12 months or more, or result in the applicant's death. Furthermore, applicants must have the appropriate amount of "work credits" to qualify to receive SSD benefits.

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