5 unseen consequences of car crashes

Not all injuries you could sustain in a car crash are evident straight away. Think about car crash scenes you see in movies. The first thing you notice is the blood and the screams of pain. While external bleeding can kill you, it is easy to spot and treat. Screaming in pain means someone is conscious. It is not pleasant, but it is a positive sign. What you cannot see is what has happened inside the person’s body.

Unseen car crash injuries can be more devastating than visible ones

You may be able to walk away from a car crash. That does not mean you are fine. There may be injuries you cannot see. You should always get a medical check-up to make sure you have none of these:
  • Traumatic brain injuries: Your brain is the control center for your whole body. Damaging it can have a host of consequences, from reducing your ability to think or speak to leaving you with paralysis.
  • Soft tissue injuries: These may seem minor compared to some other injuries. Yet, they can affect you for life. If you suffer knee ligament damage, your knee may never be as strong again. It could affect anything from your ability to stand all day at work to your ability to play your favorite sport.
  • Spinal column injuries: Emergency responders take great care when pulling someone out of a car wreck. They know that spinal damage is common. One wrong movement could exacerbate it and leave partial or full paralysis.
  • Organ damage: Your seatbelt or the steering wheel could damage your internal organs. This could cause lifelong health problems.
  • Internal bleeding: This can be fatal if not discovered and treated. While it can kill in minutes, it can sometimes take days to do so.
If you have suffered an injury in a car crash, you need compensation. You need to hold the other driver responsible for their negligence. Seek help to ensure you get the full amount you are entitled to the first time. An insurer may try to settle early. If you accept before you realize the full cost of your injuries, it could leave you unable to recover those costs.