Is there an age limit to claim SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) exists to provide financial support if you can no longer work due to a disability. It could be due to illness or an accident.

Is there a minimum age to claim SSDI?

The minimum age that you can claim SSDI is 18 years old. Yet, even if you are 18, you may not fulfill all the requirements. To claim, you need to have worked for sufficient time to meet a minimum work credit requirement. You need to have paid into the scheme before you can access its benefits. If you are under 24, you may be eligible to apply if you have gained six work credits during the previous three years. Older people require more credits.

Is there a maximum age to claim SSDI?

There is no maximum age to claim SSDI. However, you may prefer to claim retirement benefits instead once you reach the necessary age. You cannot claim both at the same time.

The SSA reviews SSDI awards regularly

When the SSA accepts your claim, it does not mean you have secured payments for life. They will review your case every year or so. They will be looking to prove that you can work even if it is not the original work you did. They may believe that you will adapt to your situation and learn new skills to support yourself because you are young. You should not try filing a Social Security Disability claim alone. The claim process is complex, and the SSA rejects many cases each year. Even a simple clerical error could see your claim turned down. That is why it is best to have help from someone who understands how to file a successful claim.