4 things to resolve in a divorce

Your spouse tells you they want a divorce. It may come as a surprise, yet your spouse may have been planning it for some time. That gives them a significant advantage.

Break your divorce down to simplify your thinking

It can be easy to spend weeks wondering how it has come to this or how you can change things. Yet, if your spouse files for divorce, the chances are their decision is final. They are not using it as a bargaining tool or a wake-up call. Here are the four things you need to focus on:
  • Child custody: If you are a parent, this is the priority. Bear in mind that courts prefer that both parents continue to raise their child. Excluding one parent only happens when a court considers that parent a danger to the child. If you can work with your spouse to come up with a custody agreement, it is better than leaving it to a court to decide.
  • Child support: There are state guidelines to aid a court in setting this. Your attorney can help you understand them. If you and your spouse know the rules, it can avoid unreal expectations prolonging the matter.
  • Property division: This can get complicated, especially if you have complex assets. The basis used is that you must divide your marital property equitably. Your separate property remains your own.
  • Spousal support: There are several types of alimony claimable in the state. Which, if any, applies will depend on your circumstances.
  Divorce is complex. Yet like any exam you have ever sat, the sooner you start studying for it, the better. If you want to get a good result, you need to prepare.