Thunderstorms require drivers to adapt

Oak Ridge gets its fair share of thunderstorms. If one of these hits while you are driving, it can make conditions hazardous. You will need to adjust your driving to take account of the change in conditions.

What should I do to stay safe on the road in thunderstorms?

Here are some things you can do to reduce the risk when driving:
  • Check the forecast: The weather forecast can help you avoid unnecessary journeys when a storm is probable.
  • Stop: Most thunderstorms soon pass. Consider pulling to the side of the road or stopping for a coffee if you see black clouds ahead. You might be in a rush, yet you will take far longer to get to your destination if you have an accident due to continuing.
  • Slow down: If you continue driving, take it slow, especially once the rain starts to fall. The slower you go, the easier it is to brake or avoid hazards. The faster you travel, the greater the impact in a crash.
  • Turn your lights on: The heavy rain can reduce visibility. Your lights help others see you.
  • Watch out for standing water: Thunderstorms can cause drains to overflow, puddling water across the surface. If you brake when you hit a section of water, you could hydroplane off the road or across into oncoming traffic.
If you need to claim compensation for vehicle crash injuries, ensure the insurance company does not try to pay less than they should. If another driver crashes into you during a thunderstorm, do not let them or the insurer blame it on the weather. The thunderstorm did not injure you, the driver who did not adjust their driving for the conditions did.