If you are a parent, divorce is not the end of the affair

Divorce can sometimes degenerate into a battle that takes years to recover from. If you have children, you will still need to see your spouse for years to come. It pays to keep things civil.

3 reason you will need to see your ex-spouse again if you are a parent

You need to consider what effect any problems between you will have in the future. Here are three times when your child will need you both to be there for them:
  • If your child is in hospital: Accidents happen. A car could hit your child while they are out playing on their bike. Or they could crash their vehicle once they are old enough to drive. If your child is still a minor, you as parents will need to make health care decisions. Even if they are older and have a partner to decide on their behalf, you would both want to be at their bedside if their injuries were severe.
  • If your child marries: Your marriage may not have worked, but that does not mean your child will not find happiness with someone. As parents of the happy couple, you will need to appear together in the wedding photos. If you allowed your divorce to become so bitter that this was impossible, you make things difficult for your child.
  • If your child has children: Becoming a grandparent may be a distant prospect. Yet, it may happen. Do you want your grandchildren asking their mom or dad why they can only invite either grandpa or grandma to their birthday party, and not both?
The more amicable you can keep the end of your marriage, the easier it will be to continue your relationship as parents to your child.