Do not rule out a brain injury in a car crash

One of the most concerning injuries you could suffer in a car crash is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). What makes it worse is that you might not realize you have one until after you have settled your personal injury claim. TBIs happen due to a blow to the brain. There may be no sign of blood, and your head may have hit nothing. Even the brain hitting the inside of the skull could cause one due to the forces involved in vehicle collisions.

What effects could a traumatic brain injury have?

Some TBIs heal fast. Others may last a lifetime. A TBI could cause three categories of damage. Much depends on which part of your brain. Remember that your brain is the control center for the whole of your body. Here are the three ways TBIs could injure you:
  • Mental harm: Brain damage could affect your ability to think or reason. It could affect everything from your ability to add simple numbers to your ability to speak. It could mean you cannot return to work or need permanent help.
  • Physical harm: If your legs no longer work, you may need help to get around. If your arms no longer work, you may need help to wash and carry out other tasks that you used to do without thinking.
  • Emotional harm: Your emotions are the result of chemical reactions in your brain. When you feel happy to see someone, that comes from the brain; when you feel nervous, that too comes from the brain. A TBI could cause anger issues, anxiety or more. Your family may feel you are a different person after your crash.
Insurance companies may encourage you to settle early after a car crash. They know that if you later find out you have a TBI and they would need to pay you more. It is safest to seek help when dealing with insurers to ensure you receive full compensation.