What is the effect of an ignition interlock device?

If convicted of a DUI in Tennessee, you may have to install an ignition interlock device. Not only does it make more hassle every time your drive, but you have to pay for it yourself. Installing the device is not the only cost. Machines that test your breath for alcohol need regular calibration. You will also need to pay for this. If you drive more than one vehicle, it could increase your costs again if you need an ignition interlock on each.

Ignition interlock devices can lead to new offenses

If you do not follow the strict rules on the ignition interlock, you could face further charges. Anyone who aids in circumventing the rules could also face charges.
  • Having someone else blow into the machine: Tennessee law requires all devices have cameras. A court can find out if you have tried to cheat the device.
  • Tampering with the device: If something is wrong with your machine, take it to get serviced. If you try and mend it yourself, a judge may think you were trying to circumvent it.
  • Trying to drive after drinking: The device will prevent your car from starting if you register over 0.02%. Remember, the usual limit is 0.08%. Drinks from the night before could stay in your bloodstream and push you over the lower limit and lead to further charges.
A DUI conviction can carry severe consequences. It can restrict your freedom in several ways and bring considerable financial costs. Many people think they cannot challenge DUI charges. Yet, with the help of an experienced attorney, you can often find ways to contest the charges. It is essential to maintain your liberty and keep your money in your pocket.