How much will a divorce in Tennessee cost?

Divorce is a double threat when it comes to your finances. You will lose some of your personal property in the process of dividing your assets with your spouse. As if having fewer overall resources wasn't bad enough, you will also have to pay for court costs and legal representation. People often spend thousands of dollars on their divorces, making them a major source of financial strain. Trying to plan for your financial future requires that you understand the expenses you will have to incur, as well as how you will have to split your property. How much does the average divorce cost in Tennessee?

Tennessee is on the high end of average for costs

Across the country, the average cost of divorce ranges substantially from as low as $6,500 in some states to nearly $20,000 in others. That's a very substantial range, but Tennessee falls right at the high end of average. People can expect to pay about $13,000 for their divorce when looking at court costs, filing fees and attorney expenses.

How can you keep the cost for your divorce lower?

Wanting to keep costs low is a natural impulse, but be careful about how you try to do so. Deciding to file without a lawyer, for example, might mean that you set terms that you can't enforce or wind up dragged back into court repeatedly by your ex. Getting things right the first time is often much more cost-effective than needing to correct mistakes made early in the process. Partnering with the right supports during divorce can help you advocate for yourself and keep the process moving smoothly. Spending less time in court can help you keep your overall costs lower. Working with your ex instead of fighting tooth-and-nail can also limit how much time you spend in court and how much you have to pay. The more things you contest or litigate, the greater the overall cost for your divorce. Keeping the expense low is a noble aspiration, but being willing to invest in your future by getting good support during your divorce can be a beneficial decision. Before you make any decisions, you need to learn about Tennessee's divorce process and set your goals for the divorce.