4 ways a driver may knock you off your bicycle

As a cyclist, you need to abide by the rules of the road. Car drivers are quick to direct anger at cyclists who do not. Yet, while it is dangerous, a cyclist jumping a red light is far less of a danger to others than a driver doing the same. Bicycles are the smallest vehicles on the road, so they are at the greatest risk. Other road users have to exercise due care around them.

Many bicycle accidents are due to driver negligence

To claim against a driver who knocks you from your bike, you need to show their negligence. Here are a few examples:
  1. They open a car door into your path: Drivers and passengers often fail to check before opening their doors.
  2. They turn left across you: Drivers need to check twice before making a left turn. The second check is easy to do and could save a cyclist’s life.
  3. They overtake without enough space: Riding on two wheels requires considerable balance. A vehicle that passes at speed can create a draught that blows a cyclist sideways into the path of another car. Road surfaces often contain dangers such as potholes or broken glass. If you are on two wheels, you need space to steer around this.
  4. They decide size has the right of way: The rules of the road are clear. Despite this, many drivers ignore them. Crashes, where a driver fails to yield at a junction, can be catastrophic for a cyclist who assumed the driver would drive according to the law.
Whatever the reasons a driver knocked you from your bicycle, it could leave you with severe inju¡ries. Insurance companies often try to blame cyclists for crashes to reduce the amount they must pay. It is crucial to have legal help to fight for the settlement you need.