Why is it crucial to fight for Social Security Disability?

If injury or illness prevents you from working, you will need to claim Social Security Disability. Yet, often the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects claims on a technicality. Filing and refiling an application can be tedious and time-consuming. It can be disheartening to see your application rejected yet again, and you might consider giving up. Before you do, there are a few things to consider.

Keep the long-term picture in mind when fighting for Social Security Disability

Let’s imagine you are so frustrated that the SSA denied your claim that you give up. You decide that you will survive without them somehow. Perhaps you have some savings or figure you will go to work despite the pain of your disability. Both of these solutions might work in the short term, but you need to think about your future. Your savings will not last forever. What will you do then without money coming in? You will get to the point where you need to apply for SSD again. So you may as well tackle it now before you deplete your savings. If you choose to go to work, popping painkillers to get through each day, you could worsen your condition. You could also need to increase the pain relief you take because your body gets used to the dosage. It is not a healthy way to live and could lead to other medical issues. When you worked, you paid into the Social Security fund. You have a right to claim against it if an illness or injury leaves you unable to work. Seek legal help to increase the chances that the SSA accepts your application. The process can be complex, and the difference between seeing your claim approved or denied can come down to tiny details you might not be aware of.