What is wrong with multitasking when driving?

For years there has been a myth that multitasking is a good thing. Many saw it as a skill that allowed you to get more done by doing more at once. People saw women in particular as being adept at it. It turns out these beliefs are wrong.


To understand why we are so bad at multitasking, you need to consider that humans developed back when people lived life at a slower pace.


When the human brain developed, there were no cellphones and no cars. The human brain evolved to cope with one thing at a time -- killing the animal you wanted to eat or avoiding the beast wanting to eat you.


You cannot drive safely if using your phone


Driving a car and using a cellphone are two different activities, each of which requires considerable attention. Yet trying to do both at once has become standard. It has led to a significant number of avoidable injuries and deaths on the roads.


Distracted driving does not only make you more likely to cause a crash, but it also makes it harder for you to avoid one. It takes five seconds on average to check a message on your phone. If you are traveling at 55 mph, that equates to traveling the length of a football field blindfolded.


Over the last year, many people have realized they are not as good at multitasking as they thought. Trying to work from home while juggling the kids has proved this to them. Yet, many of these people continue to believe they can safely use their phones while driving. If one of them injures you in a car crash, you need to hold them responsible for their actions.