Will Social Security spy on you after filing an SSD claim?

When you file a disability claim with a private insurance company, they could hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on you. These investigators may follow you around as you go about your daily life to see if you can do things that you likely couldn’t do with the disability you’ve reported. If you are found to have falsified your claim, it may mean the cancelation of your benefits. The Social Security Administration may not have the luxury of hiring independent investigators, but that does not mean they don’t conduct due diligence to weed out false disability claims. Instead, they conduct periodic evaluations known as Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) to ensure that those receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are entitled to them.

Have you been selected for a Continuing Disability Review?

Don’t panic. It’s just a routine procedure, and all you have to do is submit the information requested on time. Fill out the forms and remember to keep copies for yourself. You may need to provide an updated medical report to prove continued disability, It is also important to make sure that the SSA is aware of a change of address since you may be denied benefits if you do not respond to such reviews.

What if you get a notice ending your benefits after review?

In certain circumstances, the SSA may determine that you are no longer disabled. As a result, your benefits will only continue for a maximum of two months, after which they will be discontinued unless you appeal the decision and apply to continue receiving the benefits during your appeal. In addition, there are timelines you may need to observe throughout the process. It may help to learn more about SSD benefits to anticipate any bottlenecks that may arise along the way and prevent a desirable outcome of any necessary appeal.