3 reasons a teenage driver may have crashed into you

What is it that makes teenage drivers such a risk on the roads? Fatal crash statistics for 2019 show that 16 to 19 years old are three times more likely to have a fatal crash than those in their 20s or older.   So, if you are in a collision with a teen, logic suggests that they are more likely to be responsible than you.

Young drivers have not had the time needed to become better drivers

No one is born a good driver. It takes time. The younger someone is, the less time they may have driven. Therefore:
  • They lack practice: Take any skill you can think of. Someone who has been performing that skill for years will perform it more naturally than someone who has been doing it for a few weeks or months. 
  • They lack judgment: While many reminisce about how life was better when they were young, the reality is you make some awful decisions when you are a teenager. A poor decision when driving a car could cost lives.
  • They lack experience: You can learn a lot from past experiences, either yours or those of others. The first time you skid on ice because you hit the brakes, you learn not to do so the next time. The first time you meet someone who swerved to hit an animal and crashed into a car coming the other way, you learn it is better not to swerve and to go slow on that stretch of road. Younger drivers are less likely to have accrued those experiences, so they are more likely to react incorrectly and cause a crash. 
If someone is old enough to drive a car, they are old enough to accept the responsibility when they make a mistake. Holding a teenage driver responsible for any crash injuries they cause you is your right.