Why speeding drivers are so dangerous 

Even at the best of times, road users in Tennessee are exposed to a number of potential hazards. Densely populated areas often mean higher volumes of traffic, which increases the chances of collisions. At the same time, even rural locations present unique challenges, such as a lack of lighting and narrower roadways.  Something that increases the chances of an accident in any location is speeding drivers. Not only that, the impact of a collision at higher speeds can be catastrophic. Outlined below are some of the main dangers associated with speeding drivers. 

Vehicles are trickier to operate at higher speeds

Overconfidence can often play a factor in drivers opting to travel at higher speeds. It is far more challenging to control a vehicle that is moving at a fast pace. Driving at speed makes it far more likely that control of the vehicle will be lost, through swerving, increased stopping distances and general human errors.  

The consequences of high-speed crashes can be devastating

Crashing at high speed means that more energy must be absorbed by anyone who is involved. Thus, it is fair to say that there is a correlation between the severity of a collision and the speed at which vehicles are traveling. 

Safety features are less effective at high speeds

Most modern vehicles have a number of safety features installed. For example, airbags are designed to inflate upon impact. Additionally, many cars have crumple points, which are supposed to absorb the bulk of the force during a collision. At higher speeds, the effectiveness of such safety measures deteriorates significantly.  Understanding the dangers of speeding drivers could help ensure your safety on the roads in Tennessee. If you have been injured by a speeding driver, there may be legal options available to you.